Temperature Monitoring,
Storing, Alarming & Reporting

wireless remote temperature monitoring, NIST/NSF Listed, Cloud stored data logger

SwarmTemp Temperature Sensor
NIST Temperature Sensor
SwarmTemp Temperature & Humidity Sensor
NIST Temperature + Humidity
ST-2000H - NEW
Designed for critical temperature monitoring applications where accuracy, flexibility & alarming within extreme environments are required. Add to any freezer, cooler, or any indoor / outdoor application. Log, store, report, alarm & geo-track anywhere in the world! WiFi wireless & battery operated makes for a true IoT temperature sensor for any application. SwarmTemp is sealed, tamper proof & requires no cables.
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Embedded temperature

design TEMPERATURE monitoring, reporting and control into your products

SwarmTemp Temperature Sensor
MODEL#: ST-1000
Ideal for precision ag, transportation, smart coolers / freezers, medical devices and custom OEM
applications. Bring your solution to market quickly with proven hardware, cloud services, reporting, wireless connectivity and alarming. Open GPIO allows for application specific customization, control and interfacing. Need custom application development? No Problem. We can help develop as well.
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IoTs connectivity 
for every application

Optional wireless gateways for monitoring locations without Wifi or Internet access

SwarmTemp Temperature Sensor
SwarmTemp Sensors use WiFi to connect to the internet. If your monitoring location does not have WiFi, optional Sensor Access Points (SAPs) create secure plug-n-play wireless access to the cloud. Extend your existing WiFi network in repeater mode, use SAP as WiFi access point or set SAP as an IoT cellular gateway. SwarmTemp connectivity makes friction-less monitoring a reality. 
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Dashboard Visibility, 
anywhere access

The SwarmTemp app brings situation awareness to managers

SwarmTemp Temperature Sensor
To make good decisions, managers need data to know how assets are performing. Proactively address problems that create safety issues, reduce cost burdens or address angry customer situations. Receive real-time alerts via email, text or push notifications of critical failures that need immediate attention. Use the SwarmTemp App as is or leverage the open API that the SwarmTemp App uses to create your own application.
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Eliminate thousands in Inventory loss

Proof of Compliance Reduces Costs
Cooler and freezer temperature monitoring

Easy access of temperature history gives you proof that coolers are within compliance. Eliminate time consuming hand written logging which is error prone and often times missed. Send proof via email or have instant access in the event of regulatory audits. Eliminate inventory shrinkage and $1,000s in lost inventory.

Proactive Service Reduces Costs
farm to fork temperature monitoring

Real-Time alerts-Dispatch Service

Currently, service is requested by a customer when the customer finds out a cooler is failing which could take days. With SwarmTemp, when an asset is out of temperature for a defined period, an alert email and or text is sent to customer service. That alert is reviewed and if necessary, service is dispatched. Customer can be notified that service is on way along with the details of the alert saving time & money while increasing service to customers.

Food for thought

48 million 
Food Related Illnesses
per year
per year
per year
Pennies / day with SwarmTemp°


a note from the Founders

The convergence of low cost wireless technology with low power processing power has opened new doors to solve today's cold chain industry problems.  

SensorSwarm was founded to solve food safety / operational cost challenges related to temperature, while not costing businesses extreme amounts of time and money. Solving and improving cold chain operations at a reduced cost is now possible.

The new age of wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices is here.  Intelligence is gained by collecting, alerting, reporting and finding failures while

automating the HACCP corrective and preventative process; identifying problems, issuing responsibility, fixing workflow problems and preventing future occurrences. 

Meeting new government regulations such as the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) does not have to be difficult or costly.  

All of us at SensorSwarm are excited to show you low cost ways to protect your most important assets; your customers, inventory and reputation.

The SensorSwarm Team -