The recent Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires temperature to be
monitored, reported and validated.  
Are you ready?

It is not enough to have paper logs and a thermometer in the back of the trailer.  It is also not enough to take temperature readings from the reefer.  Ideally, customers want to know that their pallet of lettuce did not get too cold or too hot.  Pallet level temperature monitoring and/or permanent multi-zone measuring is possible. SmartTemp° communicates temperature based on jobs sent by a smart device or SensorSwarm Host.  Was the pallet loaded warm?  With in-pallet level monitoring, you have proof for pennies a day.  

Be alerted only when a food type being monitored reaches a threshold for a defined period of time. Other devices average and others alert when an approach temperature is met and then again when a critical temperature is met.   Regulations want you to prove that the cargo was not above or below for more than a specific period of time.  SwarmTemp° can be a permanent multi-zone trailer data logger or as a pallet level data logger reporting the duration of time over limits. 

Cold Chain temperature alerting

Features / Advantages


  • HACCP Compliance with full reporting and corrective action.
  • Unlimited use for up to 5 years.
  • Set High & Low temperature limits and limit duration before an alert is sent.
  • Corrective and Preventive Action system built-in.
  • Temperature profiles are saved for each food type.
  • Works with existing LTE/ Wifi Hotspots or static warehouse networking.
  • Tenth of a degree temperature resolution.
  • Programmable duration and start time with start delay.
  • Battery operated and wireless WiFi. No gateways needed.
  • NSF, FCC and NIST Traceable.
  • 1/4 Mile line of site transmission with outdoor Wifi.


  • Access to the data anywhere in the World.
  • Cost is pennies per day vs. $20+ per pallet.
  • If alert, sensors send data to host or smart device immediately.
  • If an alert happens, the right people are notified.
  • Each sensor follows custom or standard job rules. Unlimited temperature profiles can be created for different food categories.
  • In-pallet monitoring equals ultimate data accuracy.
  • No averaging so no chance of false positive alerts.
  • No additional network infrastructure needed.
  • All terrestrial WiFi or Smart Device transmissions have latitude and longitude stamps for last reported location info.  
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