Retail / Restaurant Vending / Micro Market

HACCP guidelines are here and FDA food safety laws will be enforced.  

Eliminate inventory shrinkage and Lost inventory!

SwarmTemp° wireless communicates temperature from food cases, freezers, micro markets, vending machines and deli displays.  Alerts are sent wireless via text, email or indicator at sensor.  Arm yourself with real data on future compliance checks with full HACCP reporting, corrective and preventive action delegation and followup.

Take costly human labor out of your reporting and compliance work flow.  Automatically collect data on all your coolers, warehouses and freezers.  Collect the data and only get alerted when problems are about to happen.  Power outage? Be alerted, know you have a problem so you can proactively fix it.  Stop the guess work and save money doing so!

Features / Advantages

Temperature Monitoring for Food Safety


  • HACCP Compliance with full reporting and corrective action.
  • Unlimited use for up to 5 years. Data stored in cloud.
  • Set High & Low temperature and for what duration before an alert is sent. Alerts via email, text and more.
  • Corrective and Preventive Action system built-in.
  • Temperature profiles are saved for each food type.
  • Tenth of a degree temperature resolution. 
  • Predict cooler failures before they happen.
  • Battery operated, wireless WiFi, no gateways needed.
  • Hermetically sealed and can be submersed up to 3 ft.
  • NSF Listed, NIST Traceable & FCC certified.


  • Pass any audit, for any time, all the data for each cooler.
  • Cost is pennies per day and always collecting temperatures and data accessible with any device.
  • User programmable temp and duration limits.
  • If an alert happens, delegate, prevent recurrence, save money.
  • Each sensor follows custom or standard job rules. Unlimited profiles can be created for different food categories.
  • Can safely be in direct contact with food.
  • No averaging so no chance of false positive alerts.
  • No additional network infrastructure needed. 5 minute setup. No Drilling into cabinet.
  • Meets industry standards for food safety.
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