Monitor all your temperature sensitive medicine

SwarmTemp sensors are WiFi or cellular wireless, NSF listed & battery powered providing real-time temperature alerts via text, email or voice.

SwarmTemp is sealed, tamper proof & requires no cables, no probes, no outside cabinet mounting.
Very Accurate NIST Traceable with Built In Thermal Buffering

If not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, return for full refund.

Purchase includes SwarmTemp sensor, app and host/app access to data.
Quantity discounts and custom large scale deployment options available upon request.

If you do not have access to WiFi, Cellular & WiFi gateways optional.
Purchase Online
Questions? Call us at 888-330-1791
Model: ST-2000
Online ordering is limited to the SwarmTemp BASIC Package which includes temperature data storage, unlimited alerts, data downloads, alert storage, text / email alerts. Online order pricing is limited to 10 sensors. CALL for quantity discounts. Your user account will be automatically created upon purchase which allows access to App and Host account.

An email will be sent to reset your password. Additional data storage options, reseller pricing, and quantity pricing available upon request. For quantities above 10 or optional packages / rates, please contact us..
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Protect Against Inventory Loss
Small, medium or large scale hospitals and clinic installations
  • Friction-less Install; Works inside any Walk-in Cooler & Freezer, Upright, Chest Freezer and Glass Front.
  • Unlimited Email, Push Notification or Text to 5 contacts.
  • Automatic, scheduled or manual wireless transmission to cloud.
  • No hardware to purchase or required gateways.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance for Stored Temperature Data.
  • All-in-one sensor. No cables, no probes & no setup. No drilling or screwing.
  • NIST traceable. Highest accuracy. No calibration ever needed.
  • Temps are downloadable in Graph or raw data form.


Keep records for audits with detailed alert graphing and data. Export data as required.  All alerts tied to Corrective Preventative Action (CPA) and visible to management. Management approves corrective action.

Track Jobs

Temperature monitoring is defined in a Job. Each Job defines the Sensor's location, temperature thresholds, customer, start and end times. Search by customer, sensor, location or Job.


Powerful graphing shows temperature performance over time for each Job, alert or sensor.  Easily print, email or save report for further review and discussion. Each alert has its own graph that is tied to a CPA for review and approval.


Whether you have need to measure 5 coolers or track 1000s of pallets per day, SensorSwarm automatically scales for your unique temperature needs.  Double redundancy and cutting edge cloud based data centers are secure, backed up and deliver 99.999% up-time.


Define contact tree. Only be notified by email or text when there is an alert.  Freezers and coolers are monitored for Hi and Lo threshold exceptions for user defined duration.

Corrective Action

Alerts are assigned to employees to understand, correct & prevent from occurring again. 
Closed loop management approval and record keeping.

Easy Workflow 

Easily integrate into existing employee workflow with minimum training.  Employees are notified if attention is required with followup tracking.

Pennies per Day

No capital purchase. Little to no installation cost.  Pennies per day compared to existing capital intensive solutions. No network investment needed. Get started without breaking the bank.

SwarmTemp Temperature Monitoring Feature Tree
Comprehensive but not complicated, difficult to manage or implement
SwarmTemp Advantages
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